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The Head of the Department

The Department of Civil Engineering

The Ministry of Education and Training

182 Le Duan Street, Vinh City, Nghe An Province, Vietnam

+84 383552497


PhD Tran Ngoc Long


            The Department of Technology – Vinh University was established  in 2002 led by Associate Professor Vu Ngoc Sau. In 2012, a new name, the Department of Civil Engineering, was adopted. There are two degrees offerred, including the Bachelor of Building Construction and the Bachelor of Bridge and Highway Engineering. The first postgraduate coursework degree offered is the Masters of Building Construction which was conferred in 2016. From the beginning, generations of staff and students of the Department have made endless effort to build and enhance its strength.


The Department is one of the most attractive departments in Vinh University where offers bright career oppotunities to graduates. Every year, a great number of students have been drawn studying here. The total of students of full time and part time courses are 2000 and this figure has been increased annually.


Most of the lecturers in the Department were graduated from renowned universities in Vietnam who are dedicated to their teaching and research. There are 40 lecturers in the Department, including 4 doctors, 09 PhD candidates and 19 masters. Some staff had done PhD degree from European countries who have made remarkable contribution to improve the quality of teaching, training and research. There are two doctors doing Postdoc and Professional Assistant in Korea, four lecturers doing PhD research in Korea and three in Russia.


In addition to teaching duty to provide high-qualified engineers, lecturers have engaged in conducting research on wide-range projects which have been widely applied in construction industry. In recent years, there have been a national-level project completed and defended successfully, a province-level project and NAFOTESD project which have been being conducted. The Department of Civil Engineering has annually held specialized science seminars, workshops and conferences designed to facilitate and share effective learning and teaching experiences and practice. The Department also has organized talks presented by experts in building construction field who share their unique views with students and staff to impove the student experience. A laboratory room system has been build to provide enough experimental equipment for training, research and services.



-          The title “Advanced Labor Group” for the Department, granted by the President of Vinh University.

-          The title “Ministry-level Advanced Section” for sections.

-          Certificate of Merit for the Department, awarded by the Minister of Education and Trainig Ministry.

-          Certificate of Merit for Gifted Lecturer awarding to one individual, granted by Education and Training Ministry.

-          Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister for one individual.

-          Third ranking Labor Medal for two individual for the Department

-          Certificate of Merit for providing qualified workers, awarded by the President of Nghe An Province.

-          The title “distinguished teacher” given to three lecturers, granted by the President of Vinh University.