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3 Reasons to Study Civil Engineering

If you think that the construction industry after graduation will have to "rainy sunny days" outside, less social respect, you will definitely have to think again after reading the article below.

Exhilarating creativity

As a technical discipline, the study program is quite calculated and relatively dry. The nature of work later also requires you to move, away from home often. Therefore, it is easy to understand why most people in this industry are male. Of course, this can not stop women's success if you really have passion and enthusiasm for the job.

Civil engineering is generally hard work and a lot of pressure, but that will be commensurate with what you get. In addition to a stable income level and incentives, bonuses, you will have the opportunity to go to many places, work in many different environments. Therefore, the construction profession is very suitable for young people with good academic ability, adventurous, go out there, like to create, design and realize their ideas.

Industry was crowned in the coming years

According to many job-creation consultants, construction will be the industry to throne in 2018-2019, according to recent statistics, the industry is attracting the most labor. This is also understandable because our construction industry is seeing quite positive revenue growth in recent years. Specifically, at the end of 2013, the growth rate of the construction industry always reached a positive, and continue to tend to increase. According to Construction & Construction, the construction sector in 2013 saw a high growth in production value of over VND770,000 billion (+ 7% y / y), accounting for 5.94% of GDP.

On the other hand, the government issued many appropriate policies have really stimulate the real estate market to find themselves, thereby promoting the construction industry growth. For example, the 30,000 billion dong loan to buy houses helps to delay construction works, or the foreigners can own apartments in Vietnam is also a positive signal for the construction industry. .

lack of human resources both in quantity and quality

According to the statistics of the Institute of Construction and Urban Management (Ministry of Construction), the construction sector has over 204,000 workers, of whom more than 90,000 are cadres and civil servants in The number of employees is just over 2 times the number of officials and employees.


On the other hand, the capacity and professionalism of the workers are also considered to be limited. Specifically, the number of workers with collegial and intermediate level occupies only 11.8%; The number of skilled workers (grade 6.7) accounts for only about 7% of the manpower. With this rate, the construction industry is in the status of the master of the lack of workers. In many large projects exist workers are not trained, agricultural workers work instead of technical workers. Therefore, the graduates in the field of Construction after graduation are very "valuable" and almost never lack of work.


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