Along with the continuous development of society, the construction industry is a relatively new and potential. However, to know if the industry is right for you, you need to find out. "What is the construction industry? How are job opportunities? The following article will answer the questions, "What is the construction industry? And what is the job opportunity? "In the simplest way. Hope these


What is the construction industry?

Construction is a relatively new industry, so it is difficult to have an exact definition. However, fundamentally, building economics is a discipline that combines building management and economics. Students in this field will be equipped with the knowledge of creating and evaluating projects of construction works, contract testing ... In addition to the fundamental knowledge that the school, students are paid attention. Developing professional skills such as cost estimation and cost management, effective project investment consulting, finalization check, cost saving solutions in construction.


Students who are enrolled in this discipline will be provided with the knowledge of appraisal of the projects of the building

In addition, all over the country, the major in construction economics has been trained at major tertiary institutions, including the University of Civil Engineering, the University of Transport and the University of Vinh. There are many different strengths, and in addition to specialization, many schools also focus on enabling students to cultivate, practical experiences. More specifically, Vinh University also emphasized the objective of training students towards full development, mastering the necessary soft skills through academic competitions, scientific research during the school.

Job Opportunities in Construction Economics?

At present, the shortage of human resources in the construction sector remains a constraint that has not brought the industry up to speed. Meanwhile, the paradox is in the number of engineers to build a university level, college is quite large, but the theory, less practice time, far from the actual use. However, according to experts' forecasts in the next 50 years, the demand for construction of basic works is still urgent for a developing country like Vietnam, so the construction industry Ra is still a "promised land" for new graduates.

Building economy is associated with many attractive job opportunities