1.     Introduction

According to the development trend of the society today, irrigation works on the system of construction in Vietnam are increasing, the job of  irrigation engineers after graduation find jobs are becoming increasingly. Easier than ever, thousands of trained irrigation engineers are contributing to water conservancy, natural disaster prevention and building of large and medium irrigation and hydropower projects from north to south.



1.     Training target

The technical training program for technical construction of water works  creates qualified engineers with good qualifications, ethics, sense of responsibility, sense of discipline and good health to meet the needs. High-tech labor for local and national.

The specific objectives are as follows:

- To equip students with professional knowledge of  Marine Engineering , after finishing the study, capable of designing, executing, managing and operating irrigation works.

- Provide students with in-depth knowledge of theoretical and practical skills in the field of marine construction.

- Provide students with the basic knowledge of a construction engineer not only in marine engineering, but also in other faculties such as Civil Engineering, industry.

- Develop skills that enable students to: communicate, work in teams, problem solving skills, professional attitude and professional ethics, ready to work in a modern environment , complex.



2.     Study environment

Students of the Faculty of Marine Engineering are studying, working and studying on the campus of Vinh University including 3 lecture halls A, B and lecture hall, experimental and laboratory experiments in the field of Engineering . Along with the 10000m2 electronic library with self-study rooms, computer room and modern reading room. Multi-purpose sports hall with 1500m2 area for physical education courses, sports competitions. Student residence dormitory with an area of 7500m2 / 1500 seats for students along the student dining area of 700m2.


3.      Scholarship, study abroad

Scholarships to encourage learning of schools, businesses

International scholarships of foreign training institutions cooperating with Vinh University.

4.     Job chance


Students after graduation can work at:

- Departments, Offices, and Management Boards on capital construction, such as: Construction Department, Project Management Unit at all levels, Economic - Technical - Infrastructure Section of the Districts;

- Research institutes, universities, colleges and vocational schools in the field of construction;

- As a private construction contractor.

- Do technical work, quality management, production units in the field of irrigation, agriculture, hydropower, environment, disaster prevention, infrastructure construction.


- Consulting and designing in the units of design consulting Irrigation - Hydropower construction, planning and construction of rural infrastructure, construction of riverside and coastal.

- Working in management agencies related to Irrigation, Hydropower, Agriculture, Fisheries, River Basin Management Board, Flood and Storm Prevention, Environmental Protection.

- Constructing irrigation works, hydropower, building infrastructure, coastal works.

Some pictures of the type of water works :

+ Construction port

+ Construction  break the waves




+ Construction  protect seaside

+ Construction waterway

+ Construction governance of the river



+ Construction hydroelectric



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