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Friday,day 20 month 9 year 2019


"road and bridge engineer" is expected to be the hottest job.
13:39 20/06/2017
With the need to develop infrastructure and high technology applications in the design of transportation (bridges, roads, tunnels) in the future, "road and bridge engineer" is...
Priority Enrolment Area adjustment in 2016 by the Ministry of Education and Training
20:50 28/12/2016
On February 18, 2016, the Ministry of Education and Training has published the Circular draft on the modification and supplement of some rules of the Enrolment Regulations for full...
What to do in a construction manager job?
14:51 25/12/2016
Construction is one of the most flourishing industries of today, as the world is growing fast and construction is the building block of any developing country. Therefore, there is...
Girls in civil engineering, why not?
14:52 23/12/2016
If you are a girl, have you ever imagined of creating buildings, apartments, skyscrapers, etc. – which is commonly thought to be destined for male? With some female civil...
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