Traditions and moral of our nation is expressed in good proverb:

One word is a teacher

half a word is still a teacher


Teaching is a noble profession, which is highly respected in our society. To bring into play of that good tradition, the Party and State decided that 20th November is the Viet Nam teacher’s day to honor teaching profession and  complete tribute to teachers who devoted their youth and enthusiasm to build our country.


In the highly enthuasiastic to celebrate Vietnam Teacher's Day, on 15th November 2016, Department of civil engineering – Vinh university held conference in solemn wise for 34th anniversary of Viet Nam teacher’s day (11/20/1982 – 11/20/2016) to remember the best traditions of the church of Viet Nam in general and the teacher generarions of Department of civil engineering in particular. By the way, increase awareness, honors and responsibilities of the teacher in current society, thereby we try our best to finish our  task.



Attending the conference, in delegation department, there are Master Nguyen Huu Sang – Head department of management and investment, Assoc. Dr. Vu Ngoc Sau – head Department of civil engineering, Master Nguyen The Tan - vice director of  practice-experimental training centre, and old lectures use to work here: Mr Suu, Mr Lu, Miss Ha… In department of civil engineering, there are Master Tran Ngoc Long - Vice Dean of the Department, Master Nguyen Thanh Hung - Vice Dean of the Department, Master Vu Xuan Hung - union president Part and whole faculty members with outstanding students...

At the conference, Master Tran Ngoc Long - Vice Dean of the Department reviewed tradition, he reported emulation movements to celebrate the 34th anniversary of Viet Nam teacher's day such as: attending the teaching period, the fitness movement for staff, the fitness movement for student during that time. Than, representatives of faculty members, new faculty espressed one's feelings. At that oganization, there are a lot of congratulations to teachers from delegates. Besides, there are many outstanding students, they sang good songs to show deep gratitude for many teachers. Wonderful Poems, Good Songs about in praise of teacher make the meeting more meaningful. To express deep gratitude for teacher's contributions for department's development in particular and for teaching profession country's development in general, representatives of civil engineering department gave best flowers to teachers.


In Viet Nam history, deferential to teacher and respect for moral are precious nation's traditional, the respect by everyone - the bigger responsibility of teacher. More than 70 years of education history and more than 10 years of the Engineering department's foundation, faculty is more improved and more accreted by predecessors. A whole life is before us, every individual, every community should more increase intellect, talent and energy, should more improve quality of the teacher, should devoted for beloved students, for education's  restless development.