In the bustling atmosphere of the new school year, on August 30, K59 students of the Department of Civil Engineering attended the Department Visitation. The visit was attended by Associate Dean Phan Van Tien, MA Nguyen Manh Hung, MA Nguyen DuyKhanh and MA. Dinh Van Dung.

The visit is organized for the purposes of introducing the subjects and laboratories that students will be trained in for the next five years. Laboratories of the Department of Civil Engineering are always supported by the school with funding for experimental equipment and construction technology for teaching. Currently the lab is located in the center of the school, convenient for studying. There is a theoretical room fully equipped with modern tables, chairs, projectors, and 4 laboratories for the construction works, which are fully equipped with machines and equipment for the researches. The laboratory is mainly used for teaching, learning and scientific research of lecturers and students of the construction industry.

The students after the visit were very happy, understood what subjects they will study, and expressed interested in learning.
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