At the first week of 2016-2017 academic year, being approved by Board of deans, HoChiMinh Communist Youth Union of the Department of Civil Engineering founded English Club for itself. The club that operates once per week attained support and enthusiastic participation of young lecturers.

English is a common and important language nowadays. Therefore to raise English level  and meet needs of society, communication and suggestions of effective English learning is very crucial not only in teaching but also for other activities.

The club is founded with the following objectives:

- Forming an environment where lecturers can use English and practice language skills with an enthusiastic and natural way.

- Helping each other in learning and work; increased interaction and relationship between members.

- Establishing a sound, exciting and helpful play ground that attracted lecturers and contributed to abundant group activities.

- Fostering English knowledge and skills, improving English level in areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Therefore the club use methods such as pronounciation clips, sample conversation, group activities, topic discussion, English songs, reviewing English grammatical structures.

- Being confident of capability of English presentation and communication with foreigners

- Helping students with reviewing for recurrent B1 examination.

Through the club’s objectives it’s hoped that English knowledge would be consolidated and foundations would be made to develop the club and aim to participation of students.