Attending and presiding over the ceremony were Prof.Dr. Dinh Xuan Khoa - Member of Nghe An Party Executive Committee, Secretary of Party Committee, Rector of School; Assoc. Nguyen Huy Bang, member of the party committee and Vice Rector of the school; Assoc. Mr. Nguyen Hoa Du, Member of the Board of Trustees, Chairman of the University Council, along with the comrades of the Party Committee, Board of Management, Trade Union President, Youth Union Secretary; Heads of units, Heads of Departments, lecturers who participate in post-graduate teaching, post-graduate training staff, political office - students, assistant managers of faculty There are postgraduate training and 662 master's degree course 25 at Vinh University.

Over the past years, the size of the postgraduate education has increased and became a prestigious postgraduate training institution in the country. Currently, Vinh University has 2397 graduate students studying in 37 majors. In 2017, there were 997 students enrolled in five locations: Vinh University, Long An University of Economics and Industry, Dong Thap University, Vinh Long University of Technical Education and University. Highlands.

At the ceremony, the trainees heard Dr. Assoc. Nguyễn Đình Nhâm Head of Postgraduate Training Department announces the decision of winning the Master Course 25; New student Nguyen Trong Tue, who represents the new students admitted to Vinh University in 2017, has expressed his belief in the quality of training of the school, promising to make efforts to study and research. Improving the level contributes to the country's construction and expects the School to create conditions in all aspects for the students to complete the course of good quality.

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony of DDS, Mr Dinh Xuan Khoa - Member of Nghe An Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Party Committee, Rector of the University; Assoc. Nguyen Huy Bang, member of the Party Committee and Vice Rector of the school, warmly congratulated and appreciated the effort of the students in the recent entrance exam and took the honor and pride. Vinh is always the reliable address of the students in postgraduate training and is always selected by candidates as places to study and improve their level. At the same time, he also assigned the departments, functional departments, institutes and faculties in the school on the basis of their functions and tasks to create the most favorable conditions for students during the school At school to achieve the highest results.