Welcoming the new school year, the Youth Union - Student Union organized a series of activities welcoming new students to lock 59 as follows.
1️⃣ "Counseling, support for new students and school film screening"
(19h30, the evening of 06/9/2018 at Hall A).
2️⃣ Organize the night exchange art clubs greet students Tan K59
(8pm, 8pm, 8pm, Hall A)
3️⃣ Talk show organizers share learning and training experiences at the tier
University (19h00, 14/9/2018, Hall A)
4 "Organizing the" New Students' Day 59 "with activities: organization
"Student Jump 2018" competition; Co-student; Bookstore, moist
real games, photography, ...
5️⃣ Photo Contest, clip "I am a freshman K59" for 59 students: new students send photos or clips and comments on the first impression when coming to Vinh University.

Not to stop there, in the coming time, the students will have many other activities in the series of activities welcome new students of LCD Faculty, Institute and Club - Team - Team. The promises will be very exciting activities. Through the above activities, the Association expected that the students will be more confident and fast pace with the new environment.
See you in the next activities!