1. General information:

Project title: Study for improving the quality of the worker and technical personnel practice moduls at Faculty of Construction, Vinh University.

Code number: T2016 - 60

Coordinator: ThS. Nguyen Duc Xuan


Current employer: Department of Civil Engineering - Vinh University

Implementing institution: Vinh University

Funding institution: Vinh University

Duration: From January 2016 to December 2016

2. Objective(s):

Improve the training quality of practice moduls, including Worker and Technical Personnel Practises for the students at Faculty of Construction - Vinh University.

3. Creativeness and Innovativeness:

For students of the construction building industry, the accumulation of practical knowledge is quite important during the learning process. Construction material laboratory practical will help future engineers in improving their ability to evaluate the choices of building materials for each project which meet the technical and economical requirements of the project.

In the engineering training program, the practical moduls, including woker and Technical Personnel Practises, are very important in developing practical skills for future engineers which meets the requirements of the world of works. For Worker Practice modul, students are able to develop their basic skills, including masonry, building plaster, concrete, steel, ... For graduation practice modul, professional skills of future engineers, including supevisor, designer, executer, ... will be practiced on a construction site. By that students may be able to consolodate, systematize their knowledge which has been trained. Professional skills and social relations may be developed simultaneously.

The current program guide is generally very comprehensive. However there are several limitation in the implementation which has not been systematic and synchronized. The research group has put forward several solutions in order to improve the quality of practice moduls in training engineer in Vinh University.    

4. Research results:

- The evaluation report of the reality situation of practice moduls in training engineer in Vinh University;

- Guide process of engineer internship for the foundation construction tasks;

- Guide process of engineer internship for the body construction categories;

- Process of setting up dossiers on quality management at the construction site;

   - Process of setting up Execution drawing design document.

5. Products:

- Detailed Outline of Practice Moduls, both in Vietnamese and English.

- Draft version of Engineering Internship book.

- Guideline documents for engineer internship.

- 01 paper published on a scientific journal.

6. Effects, transfer alternatives of research results and applicability:

- Several processes of enginer internship have been proposed according to the reality requirement of the world of works.

- Research results are transfered to the Faculty of Construction to serve the  practical moduls guidance for the students.

- Research results are applied to the practical guidance in the laboratory in the next years.