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Photo: Vision Continental REAL ESTATE FREEZES, THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IS ALSO STRAINED? Freezing property condition greatly influenced both the economy and the construction industry are of course the most losses. The statistics show that, during the period from 2009-2014, has more than 1,000 large and small construction business is dissolved, the streets trailed by that many workers, including construction engineers job loss. Before a reality full of overcast so, many students intending to apply for admission to the construction industry are not of concern: does the school have had the use of martial arts? There are also optimistic that comments: Vietnamese nouns through the pole but, to Thailand, real estate markets are warm again. Still more opportunities for businesses to build dynamic, the work still awaits the good engineer profession. THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY IS BREAKING THE ICE Indeed, the most recent report shows that the economy is on the recovery momentum, in the construction industry are recovered in good development opportunities. Specifically, the end of 2013, the growth of the construction industry has reached the ocean, and the trend continues fast. According to the newspaper building, the construction industry in 2013 grown high on value, reached more than 770,000 billion (up 7% compared to the year 2012), occupying density 5.94% of GDP. Besides, the Government issued more appropriate policies were really stimulating real estate market to find yourself. For example support package loans to buy houses 30,000 billion appropriation for the works back. Or whether foreigners can own apartments in Vietnam is also a full signal for the construction industry. Xay-dung-to-am BK-OISP 02HUMAN RESOURCES IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: NEED BOTH QUANTITY AND SUBSTANCE Go get a prediction about the labour market in the construction industry in the world: If by 2012 to 2,729,000 workers, only 10 years later, this number will be the 3,266,000. Besides, the demand for qualified personnel search in this time is also the reason so many investors are willing to spend in bold to retain those qualified engineer, experience. Learn the numbers on wages above the current Vietnam recruitment page for engineers to build, you can see that the numbers of "crisis" enough cause you relentlessly hungry. Meanwhile, construction engineer salaries in the world currently is around $ 79,340 a year (more than 1.68 billion, according to USnews.com)-with this wage, construction engineers are completely satisfied and reassured about the quality of his life. As such, the chances of you not just a neat bundle in the labor market in the country but also abroad. The problem here is, are you good enough to seize the opportunity in untold opportunity?Don't think about "unemployment" and "low wage", which had it's time to think about going with skill, knowledge of how to succeed in the future. ARE YOU READY TO BUILD SHELTERS FOR LIFE? As American journalist Thomas l. Friedman said: "the world today is the world is flat," the opportunity to grasp the technical progress in the construction industry is now easier than ever. In the era of information, in order to become a qualified civil engineer, in addition to elements of self from the students also need the role of the teachers are very good, innovative learning environment, dynamic and modern facilities. Soon capture the thinking that, some universities in Vietnam has quickly linking training with the world's universities, including the prestigious from the construction level of powers such as America, Australia, Japan, Griffith University (Australia). there, the university of Kanazawa (Japan) are the choice of many students to Vietnam by leading training capacity, moderate-cost, and career opportunities always await available as soon as students also sit on the seat Lecture Hall. Xay-dung-to-am BK-OISP 01May say, civil engineer is a job all the more interesting for those you like the design, good at planning, welcome the work of construction and construction management. These jobs require at your ingenuity, creativity and ability to handle situations. The management has always challenged the powerful, determined by you. Moreover, the experience of warmth in the buildings is also a precious thing no money would buy.Many engineers construction shares, they have found the brotherly, friends from the colleagues, associates and. .. 

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