OVERVIEW OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEMAND An analysis of the Australian Government in 2012 shows, the country is estimated to need up to 800,000 new labour within the next five years to ensure economic growth. Structural changes in the Australian labor market and an important shift towards the profession requires high skills will limit opportunities to find work for those who do not have sufficient qualifications, experience and skill. Nghe Xay dung Uc 01
The employees have high qualification would be more advantageous when looking for a job in Australia. Study on the prediction in Queensland is also has the most new jobs in comparison to the rest of Australia with a total of 220,000 jobs. The second is the State of New South Wales with 190,000 jobs, followed by Victoria 180,000 jobs, Western Australia 150,000 jobs and South Australia 50,000 jobs.The Australian Government also expressed views that extend the workforce by taking advantage of the existing population, as well as migrant labour. WHY THE CIVIL ENGINEERING INDUSTRY IN AUSTRALIA IS ALWAYS "HOT" WITH INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS? There are three reasons are cited to explain the appeal of this sector. 1. Severe personnel shortages Due to the amount of additional personnel for the industry have low aspect ratio in Australia, so the incentive for jobs and settled also priority than economic and social sectors. In the "list of occupations in high demand for immigrant labor force" (Migration Occupations in Demand List – MODL) issued by the Ministry of education, employment & public relations Department of Australia (DEEWR) published, this sector contributed nearly 50% of the total number of industries, including:Architect (Architect)
Civil engineer (Civil Engineer)
Civil Engineering engineer (Quantity Surveyor)
Mechanical engineer (Mechanical Engineer)
Technical supervision (Surveyor)
Skilled craftsmen such as bricklayer (Bricklayer), and floor formwork carpenter (Carpenter), Carpenter and Interior and furniture (Joiner), welder (Welder), painter and Decorator (Painter and Decorator)

2. The work stable, high income, wide application window The work of the branches of the Civil Engineering is very stable; charge transfer and personnel reductions in this sector almost no (unless you want to move due to the demand for promotion). High income, from 50,000-100,000 AUD per year. Compare the earnings of some Civil Engineering trades, unit: AUD per month. (Source: Job Outlook) 3. Employment opportunities and settled in Australia According to a "list of industries is preferred to settle in Australia" (Skilled Occupations List-SOL), the trades in the Civil Engineering sector also has a high priority. That means, this graduate student in Australia alongside the abundant job opportunities can settle in the country very high pocket. To achieve that, you have to satisfy the elements of professional knowledge (Bachelor's or master's degree course lengths, least depth every two years), fluent English (listening, speaking, reading, writing), Golden working age (25-40) to ... STUDY THE CIVIL ENGINEERING INDUSTRY IN AUSTRALIA, TO WORK IN AUSTRALIA AND WORLDWIDEAustralia is one of the few countries to have quality education internationally and attract talents through preferential policies for international students. Easy to see this through the Australia regularly named in the best university ranking worldwide with a range of policy easing visa procedures, financial proof, do more ... for international students studying in Australia. Graduate students also have the opportunity to stay in Australia from 2-4 years to work. Australian qualifications are recognised worldwide, so finished in Australia, you have the opportunity to work not only in Australia but worldwide