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They are the earliest in an abandoned vacant beaches, woods, streams, ponds, swamps, sometimes the white cemetery. The hands and minds of their sophistication build beautiful new buildings, facilities, modern.

According To PhD. Le Thi Thanh Mai, head of Student Affairs HCMUT. Upto the job of Civil Engineering can be divided into three groups: in addition to construction sites, in factories and in the Office.

The work outside the field includes positions as construction engineer, engineering supervision, Commander of the field ...

Jobs in factories includes internal supervision engineers, quality assurance engineer, product development etc.

The work of the Office, it diverses even more, including expert design and management plan, project, quality in the construction units; construction consultant; expert survey and geological survey, appraisal quality works; prepare professional bid and tender evaluation; construction audit professional to ... The positions are current in thirst , including: project management professionals, supervisors, staffs

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Construction is the basic factor that reflects the scientific and economic level of a country. A country that wants to grow, then could not have the infrastructure, public works such as roads, bridges, stations, hospitals, schools, supermarkets ... the stagnation and backwardness.

People need homes, way to go, schools, the hospital has to take care of health, firms to work, living, out of danger from earthquakes, wind storms, floods, landslides etc. Consequently, the profession of civil engineer has always been respected and revered of all time.

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2013 is seen as years of construction industry in Vietnam. According to the statistics of the Labour Newspaper, group architecture-building ranks 10 out of the top 12 most attractive sector block the skilled workers and high technical level. The economic growth rate of 8% per year of Vietnam (in the Group of countries with rapid economic growth in the Asian region) had a positive impact on the labour market in this industry group.

Economic experts said that the top 10 positions on the labour market of groups of architecture-construction will still retain the ranking until the end of 2014.

Construction is the basic factor that reflects the scientific and economic level of a country. -Photo: internet


In addition to mastering the knowledge of natural science, mathematics and physics, mechanical, civil engineers must understand the history, geography; There are deep cultural capital, creativity, organization and communication skills; and especially love for country, nature and people (with early works with communities, culture, spiritual).

The construction industry has created the specific base material, just right that make up the valuable works of digital art and culture. It requires creativity and dexterity combination between engineering, technology to culture, the arts to thinking through the space limit of concrete and wooden walls, blown calls on specific works.

On the other hand, the construction industry is not accepting that defects as directly related to the lives of many people. Therefore, a qualified civil engineer must first have a high sense of responsibility and professional ethics. Just a moment careless, reckless in any stage of the construction process may deprive the lives of many others.

The industry group is also suitable for those who accept to work further, to adapt to the conditions of deprivation living facilities; people consciously resisting high wastage; who organized, working methodically, systematically, the process closely.

Who are romantic and creative should do consulting design; who organized and tight so do the bidding advice; who has the desire to get rich and assertive should make contractors. Well, in any position of the industry group, the intensity of the work of a civil engineer was never high, but in return, they will have to be attractive and relevant favors climate funds.

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In recent years, despite the world economy falling into the scene distracted and domestic real estate market freezes, civil engineer is still heard in favor of society because of its positive effects for the economy.

With the expertise of builders, you can work in the construction business, transportation, irrigation, specialized research institutions, the management of the project, the universities, colleges, professional schools and so forth.

Depending on the scale of company, job requirements, experience and abilities of the candidate, as well as supply-demand of the construction industry on the labor markets that the wage for a skilled construction engineers ranged from 7-10 million.

In the era of information, to become a civil engineer well, students must be expertise in the foreign language and soft skills right from when we were sitting on the couch the school. Besides, advanced training curriculum, the teaching staff is experienced, dynamic learning environment, modern facilities, the international standard is enough to create a prototype civil engineers of the future.

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