The Site Engineer job is not a gender based. Girls as well as women work at construction site and does field job as Site Engineers. There are more number of women in execution team in Western and Middle Eastern countries. However, the number of women in execution in India are very very less.

But there are people like you who desire to be a Site Engineer being women. I congratulate you on this decision and also introduce you the India’s first and only women Tunnel Engineer, Mrs.Annie Sinha Roy. She is inspirational to me as well as many engineers in India. Whenever, I conduct seminar on career guidance in engineering colleges , I always show her photo (as shown below) to give inspiration to the students especially for the girls.

These are the challenges of a Site Engineer irrespective of the gender.

1.                   Mobilizing workmen to site

2.                  Engaging workmen and allocating the job on daily basis.

3.                  Visiting to workmen camps and pulling them to site.

4.                  Talking to workmen in their vernacular language

5.                  Standing for long hours on ground to execute the works.

6.                  Ability to take stress and the role is often under pressure and need to be exceptionally hard-working.

7.                  Need to work at night and sometimes in a day and night shifts continuously.

8.                  Have to be able to deal with a wide variety of other professionals and be a team player.

9.                  Eating and sleeping in workmen camps or in open spaces.

10.              Walking and moving around huge machinery. Sometimes you may experience vibration of your entire body.

11.                Working at heights and working a depths-both extremities.

12.               Working in different weather conditions- Heat Wave, Cold Wave and Rainfall.

13.               Work in air tight and dark basements and tunnels.

14.               Workplace doesn't have Toilets, Dinning and Sitting facility. ( No ceiling fan and A.C.’s) . Sometimes, need to sit in a hutments or a shed with a G.I tin sheet roofs.

In simple for all these there is a need for physical abilities and right level of fitness, since site visits can be physically demanding, especially when moving around a site’s having less accessible areas.

However, now modern day construction companies in India and abroad offers best class facilities like A.C .Site offices with Toilets, Dinning and rest rooms etc for the employees.

There is no wrong if girl becomes a Civil Engineer and Site Engineer. Take the challenge and be a inspirational to others.

Good Luck!