So what exactly is Construction Economics?
Construction Economics is specialized in the field of economics and construction management such as preparation and appraisal of investment projects of construction works; Set up, verify and appraise cost estimates, payment and settlement of construction works; pricing and management of costs in construction; knowledge of materials, design, construction techniques related to construction.
What does Construction Economics do?
Studying in Construction Economics, students will be trained in depth knowledge, ability to consult investment projects in construction; business strategy planning; Establishing economic-technical norms; pricing and management of costs in construction; accounting and auditing in construction; Set up, verify and appraise bidding documents; management and implementation of construction investment projects, etc. Besides the intensive training program, students in the field of construction economics also pay full attention to the development of necessary skills such as negotiation skills , teamwork skills, independent work skills, etc.
What does Construction Economics do?
After graduation, there will be many job vacancies, such as: Consultant, investment project analyst, cost estimation, settlement math. Participating in site management bidding in construction companies, real estate investment companies. Project appraisal at Departments of Construction, Transportation. Inspecting the settlement process of construction works; Provide solutions to optimize costs in resource management, construction works ...
Job opportunities?
Graduated in construction economics, students will have many job opportunities: they can become consultants for investment, bidding, project management and supervision, construction supervision for companies, corporations build; Officials from the Departments of Construction, Transportation, Planning and Investment; manager of construction projects; inspecting and supervising the settlement process of construction works, advising and proposing measures to optimize costs in the management of resources, construction of works ... in the departments, business; financial advisors, construction investment consultants in design consulting firms, construction enterprises, auditing agencies; project managers or business managers in the construction sector.