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Civil engineering in australia: human resource demand and career potential
00:16 27/01/2017
Not only have the opportunity for sustainable jobs, graduates of this industry in Australia are also capable of very high settlement meet if collected the condition of professional...
Civil engineering - need more than just brain
00:14 27/01/2017
As a respected profession, associated with human life, civil engineering requires knowledge in natural sciences, logical thinking, as well as the ability to build a warm and loving...
10 facts about civil engineering
22:40 25/01/2017
Regarded as one of the “as old as Earth” professions, Civil Engineering has developed along with the development of mankind civilization. The following 10 facts about Civil...
what exactly does a civil engineer do.
12:05 16/01/2017
Civil engineering isn't all about fancy buildings – here's a guide to the skills you need and what you can expect from a career in the industry
The first love season
08:54 06/01/2017
Girls in civil engineering, why not?
14:52 23/12/2016
If you are a girl, have you ever imagined of creating buildings, apartments, skyscrapers, etc. – which is commonly thought to be destined for male? With some female civil...
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